August 3-5, 2020



How can I stay informed about Accelerate 2020?
To stay up-to-date on the latest information, please visit

Will you refund the cost of my ticket?

Yes, we will be refunding Accelerate tickets in full. If you have not received a full refund by 4/15, please reach out to You will receive an email confirmation once your refund has been processed.

Will you reimburse me for the flight and hotel that I already booked?
We are unable to reimburse you for the cost of travel that has already been booked for Accelerate. However, if you booked accommodations at the Gaylord through the link supplied with your registration confirmation, you will be able to cancel your room with no penalty as long as you cancel 72 hours prior to your check-in date. For air travel, please check with your individual airline; many have relaxed cancellation policies as a result of the pandemic.

How do I sign up to attend the virtual experience?
Please visit to sign up and receive updates about the conference.

How much will the virtual conference cost?
Our virtual conference will be free to all attendees!

When will the virtual Accelerate conference take place?
We will send out more details in the coming weeks. Sign up on to receive updates.

Why did we cancel Axon Accelerate 2020 conference?
In light of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, we feel that moving Accelerate online is the socially responsible way to proceed with the event. We look forward to bringing together our network of public safety professionals and partners in a virtual format to learn, connect and share some exciting new things we’ve been working on here at Axon.

Will Axon Accelerate be rescheduled to another date?
No. In lieu of our in-person event, we have decided to bring everyone together for a virtual conference that will feature the best speakers and content you’ve come to expect from our annual Accelerate conference.

What’s the plan for Axon Accelerate 2021?
We’ll be announcing the date and location of our 2021 conference in the coming months.

Who can I contact for more information?
Please reach out to if you have any questions.

August 3-5, 2020

Get home safe

Join us at Accelerate 2020 for the largest tech conference in public safety, in Nashville.

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What is Accelerate?

Now in its fifth year, Accelerate is the largest technology conference for public safety. It is a symposium of thought-leadership around the emerging challenges in public safety and how they might be solved through tech innovation. These topics are blended with hands-on training and exploration, allowing guests to experience how tech is shaping the future of law enforcement first hand.


Why attend?

We created Axon Accelerate to be a place where people can come together to learn, explore and better understand some of the greatest challenges of public safety. It’s a chance for the best and brightest from around the world to gather and explore new innovations together, with takeaways you can act on when you head home. Get your hands on emerging technology. Find inspiration from others. Come together with new connections and old friends to influence the future of public safety.


George W. Bush

Keynote Speaker

43rd President of the United States and Founder of the George W. Bush Presidential Center

George W. Bush served as 43rd President of the United States of America from 2001-2009. As Commander in Chief, President Bush worked to expand freedom, opportunity, and security at home and abroad.


Guest Speakers

Weiiy Nuewon

former Astronaught

Griely Wang


Huny Quil


Gina Gorege


Goregie Nue


Quia Nihi

Officiis sint



The opportunity to meet with employees driving the research and development of product improvement and innovation is critical and worth the trip alone.
Patrick Flannelly, Lafayette, IN PD
I appreciate the access to Axon staff and them accepting constructive feedback.  The one on one interaction was excellent!
Terry Miller, Tracy PD
I was very impressed with the leadership messaging throughout the conference. I felt like being there was about how to improve Law Enforcement tools…
Scott Bayne, Parks, CA