2020 Conference Speakers & Theme: “How we respond”

Axon's CEO

Rick Smith

Our founder started the company over 25 years ago in response to an avoidable tragedy: the shooting deaths of two high-school friends after a minor traffic accident. That event has long fueled Axon’s mission to make the bullet obsolete.

Axon's CEO

Rob Riggle

Our virtual host for the day will be this funnyman and former Marine, best known for his work as a cast member on Fox NFL Sunday, The Daily Show, and Saturday Night Live, plus films like The Hangover, 21 Jump Street and Step Brothers.


Ryan Tillman

Ryan is a police officer and leader of Breaking Barrriers United, an initiative to repair the bond between law enforcement and communities. His work is a response to the racism he faced growing up, being consistently stopped by police officers.


Tom & Jen Satterly

PTSD is the body’s natural response to traumatic events. As a Delta Force solider, Tom saw action in the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu. He and his filmmaker photographer wife Jen have since worked to help others overcome PTSD.

Product Launches

New Tech Solutions

Accelerate wouldn’t be the conference that it is without the introduction of some game-changing technology solutions. You’ll want to hear the news as it happens – you can even experience them in VR with our special package!

Specific Topics

Choose your Path

The day will finish with several break-out sessions on specific topics and interactive Q&A sessions. Be sure to check the full agenda for details

make the case

Get your trip approved

Know it matters

Has there been a recent incident that has triggered the search for new body cameras? Are resource constraints putting pressure on outdated workflows? Whatever your challenges may be, highlight to your leadership how Accelerate will help with those goals. After all, there will be dozens of sessions about new solutions that wouldn’t have been possible even a year ago.

Show why networking matters

Making organic connections with your public safety peers at Accelerate is a great way to learn how similar agencies approach the problems you face, and a way to make connections with other leaders who can provide ideas and support year-round. With 2,000+ fellow attendees, the possibilities are endless.

Reframe "It's too much time"

Attending an event like Accelerate puts you into a different headspace and allows you to focus on different things than you normally do. Things that may have a transformative impact on your job or your entire agency. The science shows the best ideas come when you stop obsessing over the problems at hand and take an open-minded, relaxed approach, a state we try to foster throughout Accelerate.