If you are having trouble accessing content on your headset, please contact Do not factory reset your headset as this will result in loss of all Axon content.
Getting started
Press the Power button on the right of the headset to turn it on. Make sure the area around you is free of obstacles. For more info, watch this video:  

Changing Your Oculus Account Email
Your VR headset comes with a pre-assigned Oculus account. The email and password for this account are stickered on your Oculus headset, controllers, and packaging. These login credentials will expire 30 DAYS after you receive your unit. Axon recommends resetting your credentials immediately, using the steps below. If your Oculus credentials are not reset before expiration, the pre-loaded Axon content will be deleted from your headset.

1. With a web browser, go to (this action cannot be performed on the Oculus app)
2. Sign in using Axon assigned username and password associated with headset
3. In upper right hand corner of website page, select small downward arrow next to Profile Image (between Notifications and Cart)
4. Choose "My Profile"
5. Choose Edit next to Username or Email address
6. Re-enter Oculus account password, new email and confirm new email in appropriate fields
7. When you are prompted for a code to verify your account, go to and log in with the Axon assigned username and password with the headset to retrieve the code
8. Go to and sign in using the email and password credentials printed on the sticker on your headset.
9. In outook, copy the code to confirm the email change request
10. Confirmation email from Oculus will be sent to former and current email addresses

Using the Oculus app

The app is not required to use your headset, but it does provide useful additional features. If you do wish to use the app, your headset has already been setup using the @ email and password provided on the headset. This information is the same login to use with the app. If you make a purchase in the Oculus Store, you will need to enter the default pin: 1111.
The app is available on Android devices running 6.0 Marshmallow or higher, or iPhone devices running iOS 10 or higher.

Accessing the Axon Hub app
Depending on your headset’s interface you may access the Axon Hub by one of two ways.

Method 1:
From the Home screen, select the 9 Boxes icon, then select All Apps. Select All, then find Axon Hub at the bottom of the dropdown menu. For more info, watch this video:

Method 2:

From the Home screen, select the 9 Boxes icon, then select All Apps. Select All, then find Axon Hub at the bottom of the dropdown menu. For more info, watch this video:

Accessing the Phantom Covert Ops game

From the home screen, select the 9 boxes icon, then Select All Apps. Select Phantom Covert Ops with your controller and press the back trigger button to open it. The game will request permission to access your photos, media, and files. Select Allow to start the game. For more info, watch this video:

Cleaning your headset

Use a dry cloth on the outside of your headset. Use non-abrasive, anti-bacterial wipes on the straps and facial interface foam — do not use alcohol or an abrasive cleaning solution. For more info, watch this video:


If you have need support, please contact us at

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